Anton Group successfully concludes the Iraq Basra International Oil Exhibition

Under the clear sky and gentle breeze, on April 19, 2024, Anton Group successfully concluded the 2024 Iraq Basra International Oil, Gas, Petroleum Equipment, and Energy Exhibition, the largest of its kind in Basra, Iraq, attracting over 60 global oil industry companies to participate. As a leading representative of an integrated oilfield technology service company, Anton Group became one of the most visited and highly regarded booths at the event.

This exhibition attracted high-level delegations from the Iraqi Prime Minister's Office, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation, and facilitated in-depth discussions with over 20 major Iraqi oil companies, local service providers, and more than 20 customers and partner representatives to explore potential opportunities in the oil and gas industry value chain solutions. The event expanded connections with over 47 potential suppliers and partners, engaging in detailed discussions on new business with 8 of them. Additionally, the booth received over 80 visitors seeking job opportunities.

The Chinese Consulate General in Basra visited Anton Group's booth, applauding their outstanding performance in the Iraqi market. Throughout the exhibition, Anton Group showcased comprehensive solutions for oil and gas development, garnering significant attention and recognition from numerous clients and partners.

During the event, Peng Baopen, Vice President and Chairman of the Iraq Region for Anton Group, conducted interviews with local mainstream media, highlighting the company's strategic direction and future plans in the Iraqi market, emphasizing their competitive advantages in technological innovation, service enhancement, and sustainable development. Anton reaffirmed its commitment to strengthening collaboration with local Iraqi businesses and other partners to jointly promote the development and prosperity of the Iraqi oil and gas industry.

The resounding success of this exhibition and Anton Group's outstanding display at the Iraq Basra International Oil Exhibition not only showcased the company's strong influence and robust capabilities in the Iraqi market but also demonstrated its firm determination for continued growth in Iraq. Looking ahead, Anton Group will continue to dedicate to providing customers with more comprehensive and efficient solutions for oil and gas development, contributing to the advancement of the industry.


Anton Group successfully concludes the Iraq Basra International Oil Exhibition