Anton Oilfield Services Group was established in 1999. As a professional oilfield technology service company with core competitiveness and sustained high-speed development, Anton Oilfield Services Group has been adhering to the concept of Technology Pioneering since its establishment, vigorously promoting the research and development of high-tech oilfield service.

Anton Oilfield Services Group Enterprise Technology Center has many R&D institutes, such as Reservoir Geology Research Institute, Information Technology Center, Engineering Research and Development Center, Post-doctoral Workstation and External Co-construction Laboratory.At present, the Group has obtained more than 600 invention patents and 15 international, national and industry standards.

Starting from customer needs and Anton’s vision, Anton is committed to technological innovation, industrial integration innovation, business model innovation, financial support innovation, and organizational innovation. Through comprehensive business innovation, it changes the status quo of the industry, acquires new capabilities, and creates the brand new Anton. It has contributed to the efficient and harmonious development of the oil and gas development industry and established a leading oilfield technology company in the world.
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