Anton Group's Visit and Exchange at the 2024 Oman Muscat Oil & Gas Exhibition

The Oman Petroleum & Energy Show (OPES) was held at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre in Muscat from April 22 to April 24, 2024. This biennial event hosted approximately 190 companies and entities, serving as a unique business and networking platform in Oman for energy professionals, oil and gas companies, policymakers, and decision-makers.

On April 22, the Anton Group's exhibition team was led by Chairman Luo Lin, with Vice President Ren Yingpeng and colleagues from various sectors including the Middle East Sales Department, Asset Leasing, Oilfield Management, Anvision, and Downhole Operations. The Anton Group's participation highlighted its strong emphasis on expanding international markets and deepening collaboration with global energy industry partners. As a company dedicated to innovation and development in the energy sector, the Anton Group actively engaged in this grand event to exchange ideas and seek collaborations with leading international companies in the oil and gas industry, aiming to shape the future of the energy sector.

As a global leading innovative integrated oilfield services company, the Anton Group recognizes the significance and potential of the oil and energy industry, always striving to deliver high-quality energy products and services to drive the industry's green transformation and sustainable development. During the exhibition, the Anton Group specifically visited key players in the Omani oil and gas industry such as the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, PDO, BP, OXY, OQ, Daleel, ARA, CCED, and Haimer, showcasing the latest achievements and technological innovations in areas such as oil and gas exploration and development, oil and gas technology products and services. They highlighted solutions like environmentally friendly asset leasing and AI solutions for oil and gas development, presenting a comprehensive range of eight solutions. Customers and partners expressed a keen interest in the Anton Group's holistic oil and gas development solutions.

Throughout the exhibition, Luo Lin and his team shared experiences with international peers, engaging in extensive discussions and exchanges on topics like energy technology, project collaboration, and industry development. Through this interaction with international counterparts, the Anton Group not only strengthened its relationships with customers and partners but also gained deeper insights into the latest dynamics and trends in the global oil market, paving the way for clearer strategic planning and development directions for the company's future.

By participating in the Oman Oil Show, the Anton Group gained further insights into the current state and development trends of the Omani oil and gas industry, reaffirming its development strategy for the Omani market. This strategy focuses on core areas and a differentiated competitive approach. Upholding the principles of "innovation, cooperation, and mutual benefit," the Anton Group will continuously enhance its technical service levels and ecological awareness, expand into the high-end GCC market space, and strive to become a global leading energy company. We look forward to working with global partners in the oil industry to jointly create a brighter future for the energy sector!


Anton Group's Visit and Exchange at the 2024 Oman Muscat Oil & Gas Exhibition